Dawn Cutillo The Hormone Shift and Weght Loss. Get educated on your Hormones. Essential Information for the Modern Woman. They control your weight, mood, and health

Weight Loss and the Hormone Shift
Dawn C. Hiestand The Hormone Shift and Weght Loss. Essential Information for the Modern Woman

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Hormones are the KEY to Weight Loss…
especially as you AGE!

The last 12 years of working with hormone imbalances have showed me that
hormones are the key to your weight, especially as you age.
Hormones are chemical messengers that tell the cells what to do. If they are "out of
balance", they tell the body to HOLD on to FAT and FLUID and NOT allow for normal
weight loss, sometimes even with diet and exercise! I see clients like this in my local
Pennsylvania health center daily. These are the women I market to because I know
how frustrating this can be from first hand experience.

I strongly believe this is a new trend among women over 40: SLOW or NO
Weight Loss! It seems that the fitness and medical community may not
always agree with our methods, but the fact remains that neither of them have been
able to resolve this issue for many frustrated women. If you fall into this category you
will be especially delighted with the results you get from working with us! Imbalanced
hormones cause all sorts of PMS and menopausal symptoms that are unnecessary and
bothersome, such as weight gain, PMS, hot flashes, depression/anxiety, female related
cancers and speeding up the aging process. If you have ANY of these symptoms you
know you have a basic hormone imbalance of estrogen to progesterone.

Estrogen-Causes fat storing and fluid retention (BAD GUY)

Progesterone-Causes fat burning and fluid loss (GOOD GUY)

Due to constant stress our body converts progesterone into the much needed stress
hormone cortisol. This leaves us low in the "GOOD GUY" hormone and higher in the
"BAD GUY" hormone. This imbalance makes it almost impossible to lose weight!

What prompted me to start this work with hormones were my own weight issues.
I have struggled with weight my whole life. I lost 35 lbs. on a homeopathic
supplement and diet used in our Becoming…Hormonal Metabolic Correction program
in only 7 weeks. I also no longer have any PMS symptoms and maintain balanced
hormones with our natural hormone support creams.

How the Becoming Balanced Program works:

  1. We use a whole food diet along with a small amount of a homeopathic solution
    to raise progesterone. This rebalances the estrogen and progesterone levels
    so you can easily lose fat.
  2. We also address the core issue of this whole imbalance, STRESS, by aiding the
    adrenal gland which is exhausted from having to produce so much cortisol due
    to our daily stress.
  3. When we do this the body will rebalance itself and almost all PMS and
    menopausal symptoms will go away while you lose fat rapidly – an average
    of 15-25 lbs. per month for women.
  4. You can maintain this new hormone balance long-term with inexpensive, natural
    hormone support creams.


Our approach to balancing hormones is natural, safe, and effective …
a truly conservative approach.

  • We do not use the more risky hormones like estrogen and testosterone because
    these will balance out after progesterone levels are raised and the adrenal
    gland is able to relax.
  • No pre or post hormone testing is needed because you cannot overdose on our
    homeopathic drops or cream supplements. They will simply be urinated out of
    the body, like water soluble vitamins.

For more information to help you get started on your way to your ideal body weight we provide video
testimonials and the video, "Learn how the Metabolic Correction Program Works", explaining the
science behind our successful Becoming Balanced Hormonal Metabolic Correction program.
Simply go to BeBalancedCenters.com.

Lastly we want to offer you HOPE when you may feel like no one understands your battle with your weight.
We understand and offer a specific plan to help you reach your goals. We hope you will decide to work with us.