Dawn Cutillo The Hormone Shift and Weght Loss. Get educated on your Hormones. Essential Information for the Modern Woman. They control your weight, mood, and health

Weight Loss and the Hormone Shift
Dawn C. Hiestand The Hormone Shift and Weght Loss. Essential Information for the Modern Woman

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The Hormone "Shift"

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The Hormone "Shift"

The Hormone Shift is an easy to read, short book to educate you on how sex
hormones (estrogen and progesterone) and stress hormones like cortisol) interact
in the body of women living in a modern society. It becomes obvious very quickly
that as your hormones begin to "shift" due to stress, time and age, hormone
imbalances are bound to occur causing many symptoms.

This simply presented premise clears up much of the confusion over which road to
take to treat the resulting symptoms of the "hormone imbalance". The risks verses
benefits of certain medications/medical treatments for your symptoms will seem
obsolete in lieu of naturally treating the cause of the imbalance.

Traditional methods for treating symptoms that are controversial will be discussed;
synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the birth control pill, thyroid medication
for low thyroid levels, ablations for heavy bleeding, and hysterectomies for treating
fibroids/endometriosis. A new light will be shed on these controversial methods when
the natural alternatives are so easy to use, fast, safe and much more effective.

This book offers HOPE in a simple yet specific guide to change lifestyle habits and
supplements to improve how you look and feel and therefore the quality of your life.

The Hormone "Shift" explains how you can lose 5 lbs., get rid of your hot flashes,
and sleep better all in ONE WEEK. Average losses on the outline program are 20 lbs.
per month as well as the cessation of almost ALL menopausal and PMS symptoms.
These specifically laid out solutions will offer you simple, fully natural, yet quick ways
to deals with chronic issues with weight, mood and health related to your hormones.

Education is the key to long-term health as it provides the motivation to continue
to do what you need to do to stay balanced. The Hormone "Shift" will provide that
education to keep you on track; it is divided up into eight easy to digest chapters:

Chapter 1  

Chapter 1 is a simple explanation of all the basic sex and stress hormones as
well as other pertinent hormones like thyroid and human growth hormones, along
with the main hormone precursors. These basics will help you understand how
hormones can negatively affect your mood, weight and health when their delicate
balance is thrown off by stress. A seemingly complex topic becomes clear as
you begin to understand your body better and feel hopeful that your symptoms
can be reversed naturally!

Chapter 2  


Chapter 2 deals with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and bio- identical
hormone therapy (promoted by Suzanne Somers in her books) for relief of
menopausal symptoms outlining the possible risks and dangerous side effects.
A comparison is then made between these commonly prescribed hormone therapies
and a truly natural, safe solution that relieves symptoms quickly, without side effects,
improving your overall quality of life.

Chapter 3  

Chapter 3 (revised) deals with stubborn, "hormone related" weight gain that creeps
up on women as they approach 40. The sub-clinical issues, that your doctor may not
catch, are identified such as digestive weaknesses, food sensitivities, Candida
overgrowth and hormonal imbalances. Homeopathic glandulars are explored as a
ground breaking solution to reset the metabolism for these peri and post menopausal
women who struggle with these issues. Research is also presented also on the health
benefits of a lower calorie ketogenic (fat burning) diet that the homeopathic glandulars
are coupled with. These two components, when used correctly as part of a full health
protocol, will allow you to lose weight faster than you thought possible while relieving
many PMS and menopausal symptoms. Due to physiological changes and maintenance
tips, you will not gain the weight back like after many typical "diets"!

Chapter 4  

Chapter 4 deals with the growing number of women on thyroid medication who still
can't lose weight or rid themselves of many frustrating symptoms. This chapter
connects imbalanced female hormones to a sub-clinically inefficient thyroid gland
which your doctor usually won't catch on a lab "test". Symptoms like weight gain,
chronic fatigue, low libido, and thinning hair, in women, persist even though the
blood level results don't support the need for thyroid medication. Solutions to
naturally balance hormones are factored into the use of thyroid medications.
As balance occurs with your hormones your medication can often be lowered
or stopped (with your doctor's help/approval).

Chapter 5  

Chapter 5 deals with the growing use of the birth control pill (BCP) long-term to aid
in PMS/menopausal symptoms and eliminate monthly periods (for convenience).
The BCP has many side effects and is explained as only temporarily "masking"
symptoms. This low-level synthetic hormone is shown to be connected to weight
gain and the possibility of female cancers when used long-term. The chapter
concludes with a truly natural, safe solution that can be used long-term even
when the BCP is being used to prevent pregnancy.

Chapter 6  

Chapter 6 deals with the growing use of strong psychotropic drugs as a "cure" for
mood swings and feelings of depression/anxiety. If drugs are used alone, without
additional support of the endocrine system, a real sense of peace and well-being
cannot be achieved, plus you deal with consistent drug-related side effects.
Two scenarios are presented here on the origins of anxiety and depression.
This will be helpful in determining the origin for your specific case. Methods for
dealing with "adrenal exhaustion", that always goes along with these symptoms,
are addressed as well. A natural solution of hormone balancing, which gets to the
root cause of the anxiety/depression, is presented for a final cessation of mood
issues resulting in a true feeling of balance in the body and mind.

Chapter 7  

Chapter 7 deals with the issues of how stress, sugar, poor nutrition and toxins
actually speed up the aging process in our "post-modern" world; and how this
adversely affects the one hormone meant to keep us young, Human Growth
Hormone (HGH). Simple lifestyle changes are presented to preserve this hormone
along with natural, inexpensive ways to augment it in our bodies and the exciting
changes to expect from doing this. HGH is truly a final finishing touch to sex and
stress "hormone balance" presented in the preceding chapters. This supplement
results in an improvement in skin and muscle tone associated with youth combined
with a rise in energy, libido and zest for lifeā€¦the sweet icing on the healthy lifestyle
"cake" you have worked to build!

Chapter 8  

Chapter 8 deals with some specific, simple steps used by the author in her
Pennsylvania center to rebalance hormones for fast improvements in mood, weight
and health. These solutions have no risks and have worked for thousands of women.
Stubborn weight is lost, thyroid issues tend to improve, hot flashes stop, mood is lifted,
sleep is deepened and the aging process is slowed. The average weight loss is 20 lbs.
per month. Many testimonials are shared to inspire you to change your life through
natural hormone balancing!

Chapter 9  

Chapter 9 (newly added) on hair loss/thinning in women explores this formerly
taboo subject which is now an ever growing epidemic in our country. Current hair
loss solutions on the market are explored while going more in depth on the cause
of hair loss connected to stress and age. Solutions such as increasing micro-circulation
via a low sugar diet, using topical therapies, adopting simple stress management
techniques and balancing sex and stress hormones are presented in a simple,
easy to understand way.