Dawn Cutillo The Hormone Shift and Weght Loss. Get educated on your Hormones. They control your weight, mood, and health

Dawn Cutillo Author of The Hormone Shift

   Dawn Cutillo
   Holistic Health

   Lecturer, writer,

   business owner

   The Hormone "Shift"

Holistic Health Practitioner
Lecturer, writer, consultant, business owner
Author: The Hormone "Shift"

Dawn has been in the health field for over 25 years. She is degreed and certified
in health and nutrition. Her start was in corporate fitness, then she progressed to
fitness management and running a women's weight loss center. She currently
owns and operates the flagship center called BeBalanced Center (formerly
The Rejuvenation Center) located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is now being
franchised. At her center, Dawn focuses on hormone health, detoxification, weight
loss and cellular nutrition with local clients. She also started Infinity Health, a
national consulting company that provides weight loss franchises and doctors with
education and supplements to aid their clients/patients in balancing hormones and
relieving many "sub-clinical" health issues.

Her main area of interest is the connection between stress and weight gain
allowing her to be the "Stress and Weight Gain" expert for
Ediets upon their
venture into website chats. Other areas of concentration in complimentary
medicine are hormone health, detoxification, aromatherapy and energy work.
Over the years she has enjoyed lecturing on a national level on hormone health
and writing on the topic of weight management for the national subscription-based
magazine called
Pounds Aweigh. She was then published internationally in
Aromatherapy and Wellbeing magazine for her original work in developing the
"Conditioned Response" Program which utilizes meditative visualization,
aromatherapy and sound wave therapy to aid in behavior modification and body
balance for weight loss. This program was also mentioned twice in the leading
women's fitness magazine

Dawn and her former colleague have completed a Breast Cancer Research Project
along with another doctor. This preliminary study, done on breast cancer survivors,
tested specific hormone profile's connections to breast cancer occurrences via
saliva testing (Bio Health Lab, CA). The findings were tabulated by the director
of the research center at
West Chester University Research Center,
(West Chester, Pa.) and may be considered for a government grant to fund an
expanded study. The study is now published in the Original Internist, Sept 2012.

She has started a hormonally-based weight loss program that is called the
Becoming Balanced Hormonal Metabolic Correction Program, operated out of
the BeBalanced Center in Pennsylvania, as well as nationally via the internet at
bebalancedcenters.com. This program specifically targets sub-clinical conditions
that hinder weight loss in woman approaching menopause and as they age.
Her research and experience in weight loss and the issues women now face
was the inspiration for this program.

She just published her first book called The Hormone "Shift", dealing with the
confusion over hormone imbalances connected to issues women deal with in
terms of their weight, mood and health.
There is now a revised edition with two new chapters.
Dawn has been in the news many times and has been interviewed on many talk
shows including; CBS Talk Philly, NBC Daytime, CBS The Doctors, Virginia this
Morning, Fox News, PHL 17 Philly Eye Opener.

Other Education: BS from Messiah Collage (graduated Cum Laude) in Health,
Nutrition & PE, CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist),
Reiki I and II certified; Advanced course work in Nutrition from
Clayton School of Natural Healing.