Breast Cancer

Facts on Breast Cancer-Are You a Candidate?

Breast Cancer Study Cancer is complex and is not obviously caused by ONE
thing but female cancers have a huge origin in hormone
balance. In other words, women with balanced estrogen
to progesterone ratios do not get estrogen receptor
positive(ER+) breast cancer. Most breast cancers in
America are considered the estrogen receptor positive
type (ER+)—this is the type of breast cancer we are
focusing on here. A doctor or scientist would not be able
to disprove this hormone balance component unless they could produce a patient with balanced estrogen and
progesterone who still had a female-related cancer.

Women can simply test their hormone levels to
see if there is an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone or to see if they are heading the direction
of breast cancer development. Safe and easy ways to
naturally balance estrogen and progesterone are
available and affordable.

A simple way to get your hormones tested is to go to
any local ANY LAB TEST NOW facility. Simply ask to get
your progesterone estradiol saliva levels taken. Saliva is
much more accurate test for sex hormone levels than
blood and is the method used in the study of women with
breast cancer noted on this page (see link to the left).

Then you may compare the results with this 2012 study to see if you have an imbalanced ratio that puts you more at risk. Almost all women have a poor ratio of estrogen to progesterone causing PMS/Menopausal issues such as those with mood weight and sleep. This ratio, however, is really imbalanced in those women with breast cancer.
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(Each point has medical journal studies to back it up-available upon request)
  1. Women who are genetically predisposed to breast cancer often do not get the disease while women
    who are NOT genetically predisposed to breast cancer often contract the disease, further proving
    that genetics is not the main "cause" of breast cancer. This makes BRAC gene testing not the best
    indicator of contracting the disease.
  2. Women with ER+ breast cancer have a very poor estrogen to progesterone ratio (low progesterone
    with normal to high estrogen) due to stress. Chronic stress causes the need for excess cortisol
    which is made from progesterone. This lowers progesterone levels in the body in relation to estrogen.
  3. Many studies now show that excess estrogen whether naturally made in the body or taken in a
    synthetic form (HRT) has been linked to estrogen-sensitive cancers when there is not the proper
    ratio of natural progesterone.
  4. Confusing the issue is the fact that synthetic progesterone (called progestins or progestogens) used
    with synthetic estrogen has exacerbated this cancer risk in a number of studies including the 2002
    Women's Initiative study. Synthetic progestins are used in the birth control pill and HRT, because
    they can be patented by drug companies but do NOT have the properties of natural progesterone.
  5. Natural progesterone is very different molecularly that synthetic progestins and has been proven
    to balance out high estrogen levels and have a protective affect against female-related cancers,
    especially in breast tissue. Natural progesterone can also aid in turning the stronger estrogen
    (estradiol) into the safer weaker form of estrogen (estrone) to be stored by the body so it will
    not continue to stimulate breast tissue possibly causing breast cancer.
  6. The medical community advocates drugs (like Tamoxifen*) to specifically to lower estrogen after
    initial treatment (surgery/chemotherapy/radiation) to reduce the risk of cancer reoccurring.
    This risky treatment is used due to no other viable choices being presented to women. The use
    of drugs like Tamoxifen further proves the known theory that that ratio of estrogen is too high in
    relation to progesterone in women with breast cancer.
  7. *Tamoxifen is used to "prevent" reoccurrences of breast cancer after a first occurrence;
         it has been proven to have carcinogenic affects on other female body tissues.

  8. Years of chronic stress** often will proceed cases of breast cancer. Stress increases the demand
    for cortisol production from the adrenal gland, when reserves run low the hormone progesterone is
    lowered. This can dramatically alter the natural balance of estrogen to progesterone. When other
    lifestyle factors are present along with sometimes genetic tendencies female cancers can develop.

**Stress in our society is mainly mental/emotional but can be
digestive stress, toxic stress, pain, lack of sleep etc.

Women deserve the full story to then make informed decisions based on what they intuitively feel is best
for their bodies!

Three simple things to prevent ER+ breast cancers or reoccurances:

  1. Lower stress for 20 minutes daily by evoking what Dr. Herbert Benson called the "relaxation response"
    to offset the "fight or flight" response Examples: yoga, meditation, massage and sound-wave therapy.
    This lowers the demand for cortisol that can cause imbalances in sex hormones possibly
    leading to female cancers.
  2. Increase you consumption of green, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale,
    Bok choi, andbrussel sprouts(these even come in powder/pill form for convenience).
    These greens has been proven to metabolize any excess estrogen you have to a less
    dangerous form so it can exit this body and not continue to stimulate breast tissue
    possible leading to breast cancers.
  3. Estrogen and progesterone levels can be easily tested via a simple saliva tests to see if their ratio
    is balanced or take our "symptom-based' hormone questionnaire.
    Women with normal estrogen to progesterone ratios (balanced hormones) do not get ER+
    breast cancer.
  4. If low in progesterone consider supplementing with natural progesterone in a cream form which is
    often depleted due to stress. Be sure to choose a "trans-dermal" progesterone cream that will clear
    the body pathways so there is never any excess "build-up" in the body.
    Progesterone has been proven to have a "protective" effect on breast/uterine tissue to
    balance out the body's natural estrogen levels or extra synthetic (xenoestrogens) in the
    body that can tend to over-stimulate breast tissue and cause breast cancer.