Dawn Cutillo The Hormone Shift and Weght Loss. Get educated on your Hormones. Essential Information for the Modern Woman. They control your weight, mood, and health

Weight Loss and the Hormone Shift
Dawn C. Hiestand The Hormone Shift and Weght Loss. Essential Information for the Modern Woman


The Hormone "Shift" is available online
via Balboa Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The Hormone "Shift"
explains simple hormone balance so you can
look better, feel better and sleep better!

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Do you find...
You have stubborn weight around the middle?
Your favorite diet isn't working this time?
You lose weight slow or not at all when you try?


Do you suffer with ANY of the below symptoms?

Mild Symptoms
(age 15-30)

Fluid retention/bloating
Menstrual cramps
Mood Swings
Breast tenderness
Food Cravings
Constipation around period

Moderate symptoms
(can start at age 30-40)

Weight gain for no reason
Painful periods
Poor sleep
Low energy
Foggy thinking
Chronic Yeast Infections
Hair loss

More severe symptoms
(can start at age 40-50)

Stubborn belly fat/ Inability to lose weight
Hysterectomy or menopause starting
Heavy periods/ Irregular periods
Hot flashes/ Night Sweats
Insomnia/wake up through night
Thyroid issues (hypothyroid typical)
Poor memory/Low motivation
Uterine/ovarian fibroids or Fibrocystic breast
Vaginal dryness/Painful intercourse
Lack of libido/Decreased "zest for life'

The Hormone "Shift" can teach you how you can lose weight at a rate of 15-22 lbs.
per month WHILE eliminating virtually all PMS and menopause symptoms due to
quickly & naturally balancing your hormones.

-No side effects-
-No dangerous synthetic hormones-
-Improves your overall health-
-Slows the aging process-

Fluctuating hormones after the age of 40 make it almost impossible to feel your best or lose
weight efficiently. This is due to a simple hormonal imbalance between estrogen and
progesterone which is caused by the increased demand for the stress hormone cortisol.
This hormone imbalance is directly related to many stress factors increasing cortisol,
a major stress hormone in the body.

Belly fat increases with this “imbalance” even with diet and exercise which is discouraging.
Other issues that this “imbalance” leads to are depression/anxiety, mood swings, hot flashes,
heavy or missed periods, low energy, thyroid problems, headaches, increased chance of
female-related cancers and a speeding of the aging process.

Simple stress reducing techniques and simple natural supplementation will lower cortisol
and allow progesterone and estrogen to balance again so you can feel great and lose weight!

Information on a natural program to lose weight & balance hormones
can be found at BeBalancedCenters.com.
Available online or locally in Lancaster, York & Harrisburg, PA